Who will fight the battle?

What if our inability to break bad habits and traditions means our children must battle those things? This thought brings me to tears. I will not force my children to … Continue Reading →

Do you ever wonder what Heaven will be like?

Sometimes, when I see the sunbeams shining out of the clouds, it makes me think of the wonder and beauty of Heaven. Honestly, my mind can’t even imagine a place … Continue Reading →

I want my words to lift others instead of tearing them down.

Today is a new day, sweet friend. This day is a gift. It will never come again. The good news is that we can decide how we want to live … Continue Reading →

How to overcome the enemy.

I don’t always understand my trials. Sometimes, the pain feels cruel. The enemy knows the exact way to cause us the most pain. He always knows our vulnerable places and … Continue Reading →

Love is the answer

Relationships are hard. We never get to where everything is good, and then we can coast through life. Every day, we must choose to love our family and friends again. … Continue Reading →