Sometimes we choose not to die, but are we choosing to live every day?

Getting caught up in the mundane ruts of life is so easy. It’s easier to hit the snooze button for a little more sleep than to get up and face … Continue Reading →


What I learned doing the 75 hard challenge

God put this challenge on my heart to do about a year before I did it. I started it a year ago but didn’t fully understand the rules. Then when … Continue Reading →


Do you have a relationship with God?

God is amazing. He is long-suffering, patient, kind, loving, etc. Instead of having a relationship with Him, I mistreated Him. I only prayed when I wanted something or if I … Continue Reading →


Will you breakdown to breakthrough?

The truth has a beautiful yet sad way of giving me clarity. It’s beautiful because it opens my eyes to what I have been yearning for, and painful because it … Continue Reading →


Are you growing or dying?

Have you ever had a period where you just existed in the world but didn’t really live? I went through this a decade ago. It was the most challenging time … Continue Reading →