Will you let God heal your pain?

When other people hurt us, it is tempting to embrace the pain. We often hold it to ourselves like a badge of honor and allow it to hurt us over and over. But what if we gave it to Jesus and exchanged our pain for His love?

It’s easy to judge others, blame them for their faults and failures, and believe they shouldn’t hurt us. I think we’re all doing the best we can do with where we are individually. Those who hurt us need the same grace God so lovingly gives us.

If we are willing to forgive, God will show us how to let it all go and heal from the wound.

Sweet friends, we don’t have to carry around the pain. We can let it go. Holding onto the pain, anger, and resentment doesn’t help us. While someone else may have hurt us in the past, we hurt ourselves in the present by holding onto it and relieving it daily.

I don’t know the exact steps to forgiveness, but I do know that it starts with a willingness to forgive. Once we desire to forgive, God will show us how. We are set free when He rolls away the deep burdens of pain.

Instead of clinging to the pain, I want to focus on love. Love can move mountains. It is the bridge that helps us get from where we are to where we want to be.

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