Will you do whatever it takes?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Will you fight for what you want or to keep your pain and limitations?

These are the questions God asked me as I lay
in the bed with more pain, disappointments, and limitations than I could handle.

My doctor told me I wouldn’t get better. My only hope was medication to numb my pain. I took it for a while because I wanted so desperately to end the pain. But it changed everything when I couldn’t remember if I had taken my kids to school.

I realized I didn’t want to lay in the bed and read all day. I didn’t want to be numbed to the point that I couldn’t live.

With uncertainty and fear, I decided to do whatever it took. For the last few years, I’ve battled many limitations and excuses. I’ve battled injuries and setbacks and so many disappointments.

Over and over, I’ve had to regroup, create a new plan, and do things differently. But I’m still committed to my original decision to do whatever it takes to become the person God created me to be and to LIVE MY BEST LIFE.

I don’t want just to survive my days. I want to thrive for my Lord.

I get up when my alarm sounds at 4 a.m. I go to the gym when it’s cold, and I don’t want to. I show up and do my part, and my precious Lord does His part.

During my darkest hour, He gave me a HOPE the world can’t see nor understand. When others told me I wouldn’t get better, God told me I would. But He didn’t just speak my healing into existence. He made me work for it. And I don’t ever remember feeling as good in my body, mind, and spirit as I do now.

God can restore.

Sometimes, the enemy attacks us like He did Job. During those times, we, too, must decide if we will praise God during the storms or curse God. There’s something so beautiful about praising God from the trenches as loud as we do the mountains. My God is a waymaker.

Photo by Mario von Rotz on Unsplash

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