Who are you living for?

If I could sit with you at my kitchen table for a while, I’d offer you a cup of coffee and ask you what is causing pain in your life right now. As you tell me your story, I will silently pray for the wisdom to help you. In the depths of my heart, sweet friend, I would love to help you overcome your pain.

I’ve been in tremendous pain before. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I’ve lain awake at night in misery. I’ve had so much heartache that the thought of living another day overwhelmed me. I’ve walked around pretending to be okay when every fiber of my being suffers.

The suffering is what I want to talk about. Pain is guaranteed, but suffering is another level entirely. We suffer when we live for the flesh instead of the soul.

I used to live according to a perfectionist mindset. I thought to be happy that, things needed to be a certain way. As it turns out, all I needed was a different perspective.

When we take each area of our lives to God, He will show us how to overcome the pain. I am learning to live according to the grace plan of God instead of the perfection of my flesh.

My flesh wants instant gratification. It wants to be the perfect wife, the Instagram-worthy mom, the approval from society, and lots of junk food. To appear perfect, we can lose the beauty of being ourselves.

I CAN BE MY TRUE SELF when I put my flesh under subjection. If I listen to my Lord’s still, small voice, He will show me how to live my life. God will instruct me on what to eat, how to be the wife my husband needs, and the mom He called me to be when He gave me my children. God will help me with my thoughts and anything causing pain. He will show me how to live for Him instead of others. I need to ask Him to help me.

Photo by David O. Andersen on Unsplash
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