Who Are You Living For?

Life is like a vapor. It only appears for a little while, and then it’s gone. The only things that remain are the memories we create with others, the work of heart, and the testimony that we leave behind. Sometimes I wonder what will be said about me when I’m gone. What will other people remember most about me? What do I want to leave behind?

So often we live our lives for other people, and allow them to steal our dreams. Not always intentional, but it happens. How many times have we gotten excited about something, that fills our hearts with passion and purpose, only to have others squelch our joy? 

I remember when I first started writing. The office I worked in was anything, but supportive. They mocked me and my dreams, and even told me that I needed to live in the real world. Their constant criticism hurt my feelings and made me question my dreams. When I glimpsed into their life, however, I realized that they were miserable. They often teased and bullied everyone around them. Needless to say, I hated being surrounded by so much negativity. So I quit. I got away from their childish behavior and set out to conquer my dreams.

The constant negativity, however, left scars. It made me constantly question my writing ability. Every time I would step out of my comfort zone and do something new, the fear would almost paralyze me. One day, however, I realized that I needed to make a decision. Who am I living my life for anyway? I can’t live for God and value the opinions of my enemy. My enemy wants to destroy me. He wants me to fail. He would love for me to quit because he knows that is the only way I can be defeated.

Now I have learned to go to God for my truth. He is the One who guides my steps and leads me. And I will not give anyone else the ability to determine my worth. 

We know in our hearts if we are on the right path or not. We know if the things we do every day fills our hearts or drains us. If we do anything worthwhile, we will have to do it despite the protest and stumbling blocks from our enemy. He doesn’t want us to succeed, and loves it when we are miserable. 

Are you doing something every day to bring joy into your life as well as the lives of others? Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and pursue your dreams wholeheartedly. The only thing holding you back is what you are telling yourself. What one step can you take today to help create the life you want for tomorrow? 

We don’t have to have it all figured out. I certainly don’t. But we need to do something every single day that will bring us closer to our dreams. If you’re a writer, then write every day, and constantly learn about the craft of writing. If you want to be a dancer, then you need to dance every day, and learn everything you can about dancing. If you have always dreamed of being a teacher, then call your local college and get more information. If all you can afford is one class at a time, then do that every semester until you reach your dream.

Don’t allow anyone or anything to stand in your way. This is your life. Do something every day to make it great. I’m so thankful that I didn’t listen to all the naysayers because I would have missed all the wonderful blessings along the way.

Happy Monday!


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