Who are you following?

We can love people greatly and still choose not to be like them or admire them but not want to follow in their footsteps.

Good people make bad choices all the time. Sometimes, those habits are passed down generationally. If we unthinkingly follow after what someone else has done, we may not discover who we are and how to follow the Lord.

While we can learn from others, we must ultimately make and live with our own choices. We need to develop our own relationship with God.

When I consider why I do things, I can determine whether I should do them. I have made many decisions based on my desire to please others, and I’ve done many things I didn’t want to do because I thought it was expected of me.

If we live that way, day after day, we will soon resent others and become miserable.

God gave us our lives. We are individuals. While it is beautiful to help others, it must come from an authentic desire to help them, not just to please them. We don’t need recognition or praise when we help others from our best selves because God put it on our hearts. The blessing is in following Him, not what we do.

We can’t follow other people and God at the same time. We have to decide who to follow. I have found that when I follow the Lord and desire to be more like Him, everything else in my life falls into place. My Lord leads me the right way. He gives me good counsel and helps me make the best decisions for me.

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