What will you do when life knocks you down?

What will you do when life knocks you down?

The question isn’t if it will happen but rather when. Hardships are coming to us all. I don’t mean to sound negative. In my experience, challenges are inevitable. 

But it’s not the circumstance that shapes us and defines us. What we do with those hardships molds us; in good ways and bad.  

I want to train my brain to process my thoughts and control my feelings. If we eat every time we are upset, eventually, our emotions will trigger food cravings. It will become wired in our brains. I don’t want bad habits to be an automatic response. So, I am training my mind to look for solutions and know that sitting in discomfort is okay. 

Most of the time, it’s not even my current situation that bothers me. It’s my projected fear of what might happen. One of my biggest fears is that something I can’t handle will happen. Therefore, I want to prepare for the hardships coming. 

While I don’t know precisely what is coming my way, I know I won’t crumble as easily during adversity if I have a good foundation. So I try to become a little better every day than I was yesterday. Working out teaches me how to push through the ache. And to breathe through the pain. 

Reading God’s word and praying strengthens my mind and spirit and gives me hope. As long as we have hope, we can endure the pain. I have stood in the storms of life and had total peace. The closer we are to God, the easier things become. I once lay in my bed, barely able to walk, with a grim prognosis from my doctor, and rejoiced in my Lord. As the world told me it was impossible, God gave me a glimpse of my possibilities. The life He showed me was so beautiful that I cried. Today, I am living His vision. 

All because I trusted Him and did what He told me to do when it didn’t make sense to anyone else. 

There’s something so wonderful about God that crushes every one of my excuses. I give Him my limiting beliefs and excuses daily, and He gives me solutions. Scheduling time in my day to spend with Him has been one of my most significant decisions ever. God’s voice is the most encouraging, inspiring, faithful, hopeful, forgiving, and loving voice I’ve ever heard. I feel I can also do amazing things when He speaks to me. 

On the battlefield of life, I want God by my side. I want to walk with Him and talk with Him, and let Him show me how to live this one precious life truly. 


Have a beautiful day!

Photo by Tomas Sobek on Unsplash

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