What it’s like to live with a limb difference.

Since April is limb loss/difference awareness month, I would love to share my thoughts about what it is like for me to live with a difference.

Honestly, I don’t think about it anymore. I’ve stopped looking for the stares and listening for the whispers. My happiness or mood is not affected by how others treat me. It comes from within. I love and accept myself—just as I am. I don’t need validation or praise from anyone else. In the depths of my soul, I am grateful for my life and for all that my body does for me each day.

For so many years though I hated my body. I focused on every flaw and magnified each one. Then one day, I had a mindset shift. Instead of focusing on my flaws and all that my body struggled to do, I decided to just love myself—flaws and all. Now I am able to see my scars in a different way. These are my battle scars.

While the enemy tried to destroy me, he did not succeed. What was meant to destroy me, God has blessed me to use for good. Now, I use my story, with all of its hardships and struggles to honor and glorify my God. I no longer see myself as broken or harmed in any way. When I look at my life all I can see is the blessings bestowed upon me.
Nothing is missing from my life. If given the choice to have my scars removed, I would decline because they have taught me how to be the best version of myself and how to help other people. My scars help me to be more compassionate. They shine a light to my Lord.

While I may have not chosen my scars, I am grateful for them. It is the hardships in our lives that create the most beautiful stories.


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