What do you desire?

The enemy wants us to chase fame, fortune, success, and accolades to prove that we are better than someone else. Our flesh desires these things to prove we are worthy enough to have them.

I remember how badly I wanted to be an award-winning author. Because somewhere in my mind, I thought if I got the award, it would prove to others that I was good enough to write books. But after I received the award, it didn’t chase away the doubts or insecurities I had in myself.

Later, I learned that the approval I needed was inside of me. I just needed to give it to myself and believe in my worthiness through God. God gave me the gift to write. Therefore, He qualified me.

Things outside of ourselves will NEVER give us the things our soul desires.

True fame is being loved and valued inside of our homes. Sometimes, we try to impress people who don’t even like or see us. But when we take the time to love and cherish those God gave us to love, protect, and care for, we find the most incredible blessing imaginable.

It’s the same way with fortune. When we find blessings in everything and continually praise God for what we have instead of what we don’t, our lives feel rich. One of the enemy’s most remarkable games with us is the constant pursuit of more. While it is okay to want more, we just need to figure out why we want it. Do we want it to impress others or to enjoy? Is it a desire of our flesh or heart?

We feel a great sense of purpose when we align with God and use our gifts to help others. To me, that is the most significant form of success.

Sweet friends, we can accumulate all the money, awards, and fame imaginable, but it will not satisfy the longings of our souls. And if we seek the desires of the flesh, it draws us away from God. We even get mad at Him for not giving us things that will come between us.

However, we will have everything we need when we pursue God with our minds, souls, and hearts and love others. When God blesses us, it feels different because it satisfies the deepest parts of us. It’s one thing to be blessed and another to feel BLESSED.

In all reality, that is what we are searching for. It’s indescribable to desire something for years, pray for it, wait on the Lord, and then receive it. Those are the kind of blessings we long for and never forget.

I’ve discovered that we find the good things when we chase the Lord. Therefore, I desire Him.

Photo by Nils Lindner on Unsplash

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