Victory in Jesus

I am in battle.

The enemy is attacking me. When I get through one blow, he hits me with another. He doesn’t allow me to catch my breath before he strikes again.

I can cower in the corner and cry about it or fight back during this time. Every day of our lives, we are in spiritual warfare. It doesn’t matter if we want this battle or not. We don’t have a choice. The troubles of life come upon us whether we are ready or not. Therefore, I need to spend as much time as possible with God and put on the whole armor of God.

If I listen, God will show me how to overcome the enemy. I need to redirect my attention. As long as I focus on the enemy, he has more power over me. When I focus on God, however, He will give me everything I need to defeat the giant in my life.

Our trials are not meant to destroy us. They are meant to help us. God handpicks each one. This trial has a purpose. Therefore, I must embrace it and allow God to teach me through the pain.

Sometimes when the battles of life come, I want to fight against God. I get mad at Him for making me endure the trials and not helping me. As soon as the pain starts, I want out. I want it to stop. However, God knows I need the gift that overcoming the trial will bring into my life.

So, I humble myself. Instead of crying about my hardship, I use my tears to talk to my Lord. When I draw close to God, then He draws close to me. The moment I open myself to the pain of the trial and come willingly in my heart to learn everything I can from it, then God will help me.

Every day we are on a journey with our Lord. Our life reflects how we go through the trials of life with Him. Regardless of what I endure, I want to learn from each experience and praise Him through the storms. Today I will rejoice that the enemy can’t defeat my Lord. Regardless of what the enemy throws, we have VICTORY IN JESUS!

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash
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