Trust The Process

It can be disheartening when we are working so hard and not getting the results that we desire. When we can’t see real progress, we automatically assume that the process isn’t working. Usually, that’s when most people quit. What we need to do, however, is stand firmly and trust the process.

Sometimes we need to modify our efforts and be honest with ourselves on the amount of effort that we are giving. When I take a look at myself, I can usually find the problem. For example, I started a new workout program a few weeks ago. Three weeks in, I gained a few pounds. I could have quit then, and assumed that the program did not work. What I decided to do, however, was take a look at my nutrition. When reading about the program in the insert booklet, I discovered that this sometimes happens with intense programs. So I am going to trust the process and finish the program. Not to mention, I love it.

Anytime we do anything that is beyond our comfort zone, we will want to quit—often throughout the journey. We will ask ourselves continuously if it’s worth it, and wonder many times why we are even doing it. We are resistant to change. Instead of embracing it, we often fight it. 

The Bible tells us not to be weary in well doing. We will reap the rewards if we don’t faint. Whatever you are going through, trust God to see you through the process. The devil is a constant thorn in our side. He is always trying to sabotage us. In order to defeat him, we just need to seek the Lord and do what is right. If we continue to put in effort, in any area of our life, then we will eventually get the results that we want. 

If we quit, however, we will never get to where we want to be. When the devil is aggravating me, instead of cowering in the corner and taking it, I fight back. He may defeat me, but it will not be because I gave up. 

Love and blessings, 


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