Today, I Get To

How often do we go through out our days, complaining about all the things that we have to do? I am so guilty of this. So often I make my to-do list with a mental sigh of all the things I have to do that day. This morning as my alarm clock buzzed, my first thought was I have to work today.  Before my feet hit the floor, however, I changed my mindset. I get to work today. It is a privilege denied to many. 

I remember what it felt like to lie in bed, day after day, and wish for the health to work and the ability to walk without extreme pain. Now that I am able to do those things, I will not complain about them. The enjoyment of our lives is based on our attitude. We don’t have to wait until something wonderful happens to celebrate our lives. Every day we can start our day with an attitude of gratitude and enjoy each moment. Can you even imagine how our lives would change if we enjoyed each moment?

So often we go through the motions of life. How often do we eat our food without even enjoying it? How often do we experience blessings without even appreciating them? I do it all the time. God blesses my life and instead of thanking Him, most of the time, I don’t even recognize the blessings. That breaks my heart. 

From this day forward,  I want to manifest more gratitude and truly enjoy my day. This beautiful day will never come again. It is a gift and I want to receive it that way. 

Today, I get to…
  1. Read my Bible
  2. Pray
  3. Write a blog
  4. Exercise
  5. Work
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Cook for my family
  8. Drink my favorite coffee
  9. Fix my hair (I remember a time when my shoulders were traumatized and I could raise my arms over my head.)
  10. Live, Laugh, and Love

What are some things you “get to” do today?

Have a wonderful day!


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