Time is a precious gift

God created the world and everything in it. He decided what things would look like and their function. Man, however, was the only one who was given the freedom of choice. We are the creators of our own lives. While God certainly leads us and guides us, He allows us to make our own decisions.

We get to decide if we want to serve the Lord or the devil—we can’t serve both. Do we want to choose the way of idleness or do we want to work for the Lord? When we do everything in our power to make things happen in our lives, then God will send blessings.

I have learned that there are three types of business—my business, your business, and God’s business. We can’t work in anyone else’s business. If I am focused on someone else’s gift, then I can’t fully use mine. God wants me to work in my own calling. He wants me to put all of my energy into what He has called me to do. Focusing on what other people are doing, distracts me from what I should be doing. And it always makes me feel bad.

Friends, I can’t tell you the number of hours that I have wasted watching other people when I should have been doing what the Lord wanted me to do. It is a daily struggle. I want to open social media and scroll for hours. I want to see what all of my friends are doing. Because it takes the focus off of me and what I should be doing. Scrolling doesn’t require anything out of me. Therefore, I have realized that I have to limit my time. Otherwise, I will end up wasting a large portion of my time each day.

Time is one of our most precious gifts. We can’t get it back once it is gone. Therefore, I want to make sure that whatever I am spending my time on is helping me or someone else in some way. Have you ever audited your time? It’s truly eye-opening to see how much time we can waste without even realizing it. So today, it is my goal to stay focused on my own business and to do the work that God wants me to do.


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