The Power of Love

So often we put the key to our happiness in someone else’s pocket. We are constantly putting limitations and restrictions on ourselves. In many ways, love has turned into something unattainable in our mind. And so we allow ourselves to become bitter and angry and dismiss love as being non-existent in our lives.

God never intended for us to feel this way. He displayed the ultimate form of love when He sent His son to die for us, so that we may have everlasting life. That is the greatest form of love ever shown. The day that I got saved was the absolute greatest day of my life. Love, pure and free, filled my soul. This exquisite love replaced my fear, heartache, and the deep void in my heart and soul. The great thing about this love is that it never goes away. God placed an abundance in my heart, and He wants me to freely give it to others.

When we offer love continuously, to ourselves as well as others, we are truly living and aligned with God. In order to give it freely, however, we need to remove the strings attached to our love. We need to love unconditionally. When we place a list of strings attached to our love, then it isn’t really love at all.

Love has no score.

When we commit to totally loving someone else, including ourselves, then we will not focus on their shortcomings. We all go through difficult seasons in our lives. When we see our loved ones (and ourselves) struggling, we need to pray for them and love them through the hard times. Getting mad and angry only creates more heartache. While love creates a safe place for us to grow and overcome the hardship.

Whenever we are faced with a difficult dilemma, we need to stop and ask ourselves a question. Am I responding with love or because of heartache?

The habit of responding with unconditional love will change our thoughts and feelings. It will force us to make better decisions and stop judging others as well as ourselves. The more love we send out to others, the more love we generate in our own lives. We can live in fear, anger, jealousy, bitterness, or we can live in love and peace.

I used to live in a prison of dislike and self-destruction. Once I accepted my scars, however, and learned to love myself, the pain ended. Now I am learning how to show myself love everyday, and extend my love out to others.

A few ways we can show love every day to others as well as ourselves:

  1. Hugs are a great way to show others we love them. Get into a daily routine of hugging those you love.
  2. Offer as many compliments as you can throughout the day. Instead of looking for the flaws in others (including ourselves), we need to train our minds to look for the good.
  3. Pray for those who are struggling.
  4. Offer encouraging words to someone who seems down.
  5. Tell someone something you love about them.
  6. Call, text, or send a letter to someone you’ve been thinking about.
  7. Forgive someone who hurt you.
  8. Listen when someone is talking to you.
  9. Be your own best friend.
  10. Do something every day to nourish your soul.

Have a wonderful day!

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