The goodness of the Lord

God is so wonderful! Sometimes I fail to tell of His greatness. When I just pause in my life and look around for my blessings, I can see them everywhere. I wish that I could show you where I’ve been in my life and where God has brought me. He has wiped away every tear from my eyes and given me a solution to my every problem. In the depths of my sorrow, the sorrow I created for myself because of my disobedience, God held me as I cried. He has never turned His back on me. Even though I have left Him many times.
When life is especially tough, if we will just hang in there, then God will show us how to overcome every hardship. We are His precious children and He wants to help us. God also wants us to desire His help. He wants us to put Him in the very center of our lives. When we allow God to be our Shepherd, then He will lead and guide us in every part of our lives.
I love it when I’m aligned with Him. When my heart is yoked with God, then my soul sings. I will find myself singing His praises all day long. It makes me want to pray and do His will. I love the joy of the Lord, and I want to walk with Him. I want to spend my life doing His will and worshiping Him.
Nothing in this world compares to His sweet spirit. There is no substitution for the spirit of God. When He moves in my heart, then I am satisfied and joyful. Even in the midst of heartache, my God can bless me with His sweet spirit and cause my soul to sing.
Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash
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