The enemy’s strategy is to worry you and cause you unnecessary pain. 

When everything is going well in my life, it’s easy for me to have faith, follow God, and praise Him. But the minute it turns upside down, I start doubting, worrying, and trying to figure it out for myself, which creates an even bigger problem. 

The minute I take my eyes off Jesus, I see the enemy in all his evil. If I don’t run to Jesus the minute I see the evil and hear of the hardships of others, I will swept away in the currents of pain. Satan sees my vulnerability and attacks. 

He takes the problems of others and recreates them for me in my mind. In a vulnerable state with my eyes off the Lord, all it takes is one little question to cause me to spiral. What if? It’s two simple words with so much power.

When I start asking what-if questions with a worried mind and a troubled heart, I will get entangled in the enemy’s lies and fables. In all reality, I will be in a good place in my life, with an abundance of blessings, but by the time the enemy gets through with me, I will be a tangled mess of fears. 

An example of this might be a tragic accident. Then Satan pounces on my sympathy for those involved. 

Satan: Isn’t that terrible what happened?

Me: Yes, it’s so sad.

Satan: He was too young to die.  

Me: Yes, he was. 

Satan: Wasn’t he around the same age as your son?

Me: Yes. Sobbing and thinking about it.

Then, the panic and worry sets in. I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and my mind spiraling. All because I conversed with the enemy and allowed him to put his thoughts in my head. 

I should have walked away without entertaining the conversation. I should have run to God and talked things over with Him. But I didn’t, so I have extreme anxiety. 

Me: God, I’m scared. I don’t want bad things to happen to those I love. 

God: It isn’t real. Right now, everything is fine. You are worrying and crying about something that may never happen. The devil wants to scare you. Trust me to care for you and comfort you regardless of what happens. 

The conversations made me feel completely different. One made me scared with pretend tragedies, while the other assured me that my present moment was okay and that if something terrible did happen in my life, God would be with me. 

Disclosure: These are pretend conversations I have in my head. While I do feel they accurately represent what I often experience, I never want to pretend to speak for God. I made this up to show how it usually happens in my mind. 

The enemy is a constant source of fear while God comforts me. Therefore, when I feel extreme fear, with no reason for it, I know Satan is working in my mind again. While I may not be strong enough to resist him, my God can take care of him for me. I have to run to God and ask Him to help me. There is Victory in Jesus!

Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash

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