The Bright Side

I’m a little discouraged. Okay, more than a little bit. I feel so helpless today. I have sciatica nerve pain and a twisted pelvis. I can’t sit, stand, or even lie down without discomfort. Walking is hard since my legs and feet are numb. I’m trying to be optimistic, but, day six of constant pain, makes it difficult.

My to-do list is buried underneath my pile of work and, in all honesty, I just want to be able to do it all. I love working and accomplishing my goals, but my mind is absorbed with this debilitating pain.

I hate complaining and whining, and having so many limitations. Today, I feel so small and fragile. But then as the tears spill from my eyes, I remember that God counts and understands them all.

The enemy may knock me down, but my God can turn this heartache into a blessing. When I humble my heart and look to Him, great things can happen. His work is the greatest of all, and I’m so blessed that He chose me.

My strength often falters, but there is something greater inside of me. Regardless of my battle, or the intensity of the storm, God always gives me a spark of hope, and everything that I need to keep going. During these painful moments, He doesn’t leave me alone. He is always by my side.

One day this will only be a memory. I’ll look back with a thankful heart at how God delivered me from the enemy’s hand, and the beautiful gift this trial obtained.

For now, God gives me a glimpse of our battles, and reminds me of the amazing victories.
·         He spared me from the entanglement of the Amniotic Bands and blessed me with life.
·         He gave me enough courage and strength to always find my own way to do things.
·         He helped me to overcome my scars and accept it all.
·         He bestowed me the beautiful gift of words and blesses me to share it with others.
·         He provided me enough faith to believe in Him, and be saved.  
·         And so many more.
When I start thinking about all that we’ve been through together, my spirit is renewed. The devil no longer has any power over me. My adversary may cause my body lots of pain and suffering, but he cannot touch what is inside me. And when I look to God, we can defeat the enemy, every single time.
I started this blog with tears and ended with a smile. Perspective is everything!

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