Starting over

Drawing a line in the sand is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. Every time I make the declaration that I will not tolerate my behavior or circumstance any longer, then I’m able to find the resources to overcome it. Sometimes all that I need to do is change my thoughts. And other times I need to take a long hard look at myself and make the necessary changes in my daily life.
Lately, I’ve been experiencing feelings of depression. And I’ve been wallowing in my feelings and allowing my thoughts to control my day. I’ve been allowing the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness to creep into my life. Yesterday, I decided that I would not tolerate my behavior any longer. While I can’t change my circumstance, I can change my thoughts and feelings about my circumstance. I can get out of bed and go for a walk instead of pulling the covers over my head. I can choose a new thought at any time. I am not helpless. I can fight back.
One of the greatest ways for me to overcome my own hardships is to focus on how I can help other people. When my focus is directed away from my own pain, and onto God’s work, then I’m able to help someone else as well as myself.
I’m not finished. I have more books to write, stories to share, and schools to visit. I want to be so on fire for the Lord that the devil can’t even stand to get close to me. I want to lose myself in my zeal for God’s work. I want to be so fully engaged in His work that I lose track of time. I want to create something that the world needs.
Usually, I have feelings of depression when I’m just drifting through my day. When I wake up without any excitement for my day and when I’ve lost my passion for God’s work. The things of this world cannot satisfy me when it’s the Lord my soul is craving.
So I want to direct my thoughts on what I can do to help someone else. I want to think about what I can create instead of what I have to endure. I want to ignore the distractions of the enemy and walk with the Lord. There is so much work that needs to be done. And I want to show up today, and every day, ready and willing to do my part.
Someday when I close my eyes in death, I want to be so exhausted from fighting on the battlefield with my Lord, that I have nothing left to give. I want to know that I lived well and that I made the most of this beautiful life that God gave me. What about you? Every day is a new opportunity to start over.

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