Prayer Works

Sometimes I get so caught up in this world that I forget to talk to God. When everything is going great in my life, I very seldom take the time to thank Him. I rush around as if I have so many important things to do, as if talking to God were not the most beautiful and important thing I could possibly do all day.

Do you ever think about prayer? It is one of the greatest blessings of life. Whatever our problem or heartache, we can take it to our almighty God. We can tell him of our troubles and ask His guidance. We can tell on our enemy and gain strength. We can move mountains, if we pray and believe.

So why don’t we? Why do we use prayer as a last resort? Why do we try everything else first, and when all that fails call upon God?

I don’t know. In my case, I believe it’s because prayer takes unyielding faith. In order for me to truly pray, I have to believe that God will answer my prayer—wholeheartedly. I have to remove my foolish thoughts and stop thinking about myself. I believe in order to really get to the place where I can pray takes time. It all comes down to accepting God’s will. And if we pray, those are the only prayers He hears anyway.

Even though I try to pray every day, all day long, I don’t always get through. Often times, I stand in my own way. I try to bargain with God or give Him ultimatums. I want my prayer answered immediately. I don’t want to wait. And I usually think I know what is best in these situations.

However, what I fail to see is the work that God does beyond my sight. He has certain ways He does things. He’s not like me at all. He is patient and longsuffering. He exhibits grace and mercy. He loves each child created and does what is best for them. Sometimes He allows us to go on the wrong path for quite a while. He continues to offer us warnings along the way and places to turn around. He gives us numerable opportunities to change directions and to get off the path of destruction. Nevertheless, He always gives us a choice. But we should also remember there are consequences with our choices.

For me it’s so hard to see someone I love on the wrong path. I hate watching them self destruct. I beg and plead for them to change. I pray and want God to help them—make them stop. There are times when it’s so overwhelming and I think I can’t bear it another minute. There are times when I pray and hope with everything inside me. I feel like it might swallow me up. And then I’m reminded of my God and His greatness.

He will come through right on time. He will do the things I can’t do. He will step in one day and answer my prayer. He will make it all look so easy because to Him it is. He wants me to turn my heartaches over to Him. He wants me to lay them at the feet of Jesus and never pick them up again. He wants me to have faith that He will take care of it all for me. He wants me to not be weary and keep my eyes on Him.

So I praise Him for the prayer He will surely answer one day. I know He can turn my heartaches into blessings and replace my tears of sorrow with tears of joy. In every situation, every single moment—God is so good!

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