We Need To Do Something

It’s so easy to leave the hard stuff to someone else. How often do we sit back and complain about the shape of our country, our schools, and our community? … Continue Reading →

The Power of Vision

Last night, I decided to go back through my journal and read some of the things that I had previously recorded. After a few pages, I found a place where … Continue Reading →

My Gift To You

Sometimes I am amazed at all the wonderful things that God blesses me to do. Whenever I’m going through a challenge I think, if I can get through this then … Continue Reading →

Living with Amniotic Band Syndrome: How One Doctor Gave Me Hope For My Scars

Sometimes when we least expect it, God surprises us. Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, I received the surprise of my life. I went to the doctor because of my elbow … Continue Reading →

How to Find Peace During the Storm

Our life plan and God’s plan for us are usually very different. We want a life without struggles, heartaches, or pain of any kind. However, we want the wisdom, knowledge … Continue Reading →