Positive Thoughts, Faith, and Prayers

It’s so easy to be surrounded by a realm of negative thoughts.  To me they seem more natural and so much easier to believe. They are what we are accustomed to and always arrive first in every situation. They are the enemy and yet we treat them as trusted friend.

This week as I looked at my scheduled, I thought, there is no way I can do all of this. I have been given an impossible schedule and the crazy part is that I agreed to it. I hoped some of my events would be rescheduled or I could find a way to cancel them. The long list of reasons, why I couldn’t do them, rolled around in my mind. And then I made a decision—I decided to fight back.

We believe whatever we tell ourselves. We control our own mind. We have the power to be happy or miserable. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten this. I decide my mood and how I will react to certain situations. I thought about pain and how pain medication works. I have read that the medicine doesn’t stop the pain. It does, however, convince your mind that the pain is gone. What if I could do that too?

So Monday, I experimented.

I got out of bed early and exercised before work. Every time a bad thought popped into my head I dismissed it and countered it with a positive one. I ate a healthy breakfast and smiled while I was getting ready for work. I assured myself there was no pain and that I felt wonderful. There were a few times when it got tough and in those times I prayed—believing wholeheartedly that God could and would help me. I worked the whole day without any medicine, heat or ice, or pain rubs. And God gave me another lesson in faith.

The content of our thoughts is a powerful thing. They can help us or destroy us. They can make us stronger or weaker. The good thing is we control them.

Through God I worked all week, drove to and from work, and even attended three separate events for my books. I signed books and moved to a new plateau.

Yesterday as I drove to my last event of the week, I was tired. I wanted to go home and go to bed. I felt as if my strength was gone and I had so many more tasks to do before the day ended. I fought the tears on the drive and tried to be positive. However, I felt defeat closing in on me.

When I arrived at the school it took all of my strength to smile and walk toward the building. As I walked up to the front door, there were beautiful signs on the door. They had taken the time to make three welcoming signs—just for me. I felt so special and blessed. Then when the kids handed me their precious letters, they made for me, God blessed me with an indescribable feeling. He knew exactly what I needed. He knew I had tried all week and pushed as far as I could. So He picked me up in His arms and carried me the rest of the way. During my visit, He gave me these amazing Godly moments. I can’t even describe them; they’re so much better felt than told.

And He reminded me that regardless of how hard the road gets for me, He will help me. He will carry me when my strength fails me. He will pick me up and set me a mile ahead of the enemy. However, He expects me to do the things I am able to do. He expects me to put forth an effort. He likes it when I step out in faith, knowing there is no natural way— believing He is the way.

It is during these times, when He proves His unconditional love to me and gives me so much more than I expected or even deserve. I love my special moments with God. He’s so good to me.

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