Making Godly decisions

Making decisions can be so hard at times. Especially when our decisions affect other people. I am a people pleaser. Therefore, I usually end up doing things that I don’t want to do because I don’t want to disappoint anyone else. Saying no for me is one of the hardest things to do.

I have learned, however, when I say yes to something, then that means I am saying no to something else. For some things, this might not be a big deal. In order to know for sure, we have to examine it and check in with our feelings about it. If my decision makes me feel bad, brings dread upon me or makes me justify my reasons in any way, then it is probably not the best decision for me. However, if the decision feels peaceful and I feel good about all aspects of it, then that is probably the best decision for me. Sometimes just taking out a sheet of paper and writing it all down, the good and bad, helps me to see the whole picture.

When things feel off, then I find myself praying continuously about my decisions. The pause is a good indication for me that I am trying to do something outside of God’s will for my life. I want to pray about it because I am usually trying to change God’s mind about it. In my gut, I can feel that it is not right so I want to pray and try to make it right.

The hesitation and feeling something is not right is a very good indication that we are going in the wrong direction. God is not the author of confusion. When we feel confused, irritated, or fearful, then those feelings are not of God. God’s ways are simple and He gives us peace with our decisions.

Most of the time we know what we need to do. We just don’t want to do it. Therefore, we cause ourselves heartache and worry by continuing to stand in between two opinions. In this case, we just need to make a decision based on what we feel in the deep recesses of our soul. While the enemy tries to give us different options, and even change the situation on us, God does not change His answer. His ways are love, peace, and joy.


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