Make time for God

God has given us many ways to find comfort in this world, yet we don’t do them often. We neglect to spend time with the Lord and then wonder why we feel so stressed. We try to find our own way and spend so much time wandering in darkness.

Then, we get upset with the Lord for allowing heartache. But we can’t see that we chose it. When we skip our Bible reading, we make more room in our minds for our enemy’s lies. Instead of consulting the Lord, we create hardships for ourselves when we go our way. The enemy will always lead us away from the Lord.

Satan doesn’t come at us all at once. He is in our daily choices. He tries to lead us away from the Lord in a subtle way. He is the one who gives us another option and makes it sound so good. The voice of the devil justifies our sin or bad choices.

We can defeat the enemy by doing what we know is right. God gave us all an internal compass. When we are unsure, we need to pause and examine the situation. If we ask the Lord to help us make the best decision, He will.

Looking back over my life, I can see the work of Satan. I can see how he deceived me and led me away from the Lord in some situations. In myself, I don’t know how to defeat him. But my Lord knows how. Therefore, I need to be in daily communication with Him. I need to listen to the inner wisdom of my soul.

The devil works in our minds. He sneaks his thoughts into our minds and then tries to persuade us to believe them. I NEED TO STAND STILL when I notice the noise in my mind. In the stillness, it is so much easier to detect the lies. The enemy continually changes. He will come at us with every lie that he can create. If this one doesn’t work, he will find a different one.

The voice of the Lord, however, is truth. Regardless of how we dissect it, in the end, it will still be the truth. It is not confusing but comforting. His spirit that dwells in us will help us discern our Lord’s voice.

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