Living in gratitude

God loves a thankful heart. It pleases Him when we are thankful for our lives and when we live in a state of gratitude. While being grateful might not change the circumstances of our lives, it can change how we feel about our lives.

Years ago, I lived in a place of pain. I cried for the things that Amniotic Band Syndrome took away from me. Until one day, a woman shared her story with me. Her baby had died before birth because the amniotic bands had wrapped around the baby’s body. She never got to see her precious baby smile or watch him grow up. That day was the first time I was actually able to see my situation with a new perspective.

I survived. I am alive to love my family and to be loved by them. When we truly put our lives into perspective, then we often realize our lives are not as bad as they had originally seemed. When we can dissect our lives, and truly look for each blessing, then we can find them in ways we never thought about before.

We are abundantly blessed. Our every need is met. When we shift our focus from all the things we don’t have to all the things we do have, then we can see the abundance in our lives. Especially when we list all the things we have that money can’t buy.

Right now we can all scan our bodies and find so many things to be grateful for. I’ve had people ask me how I could be so grateful for my thumb on my left hand when I am missing fingers. If we can’t be grateful for the things we do have, then we wouldn’t be grateful if we had more.

How we choose to live our lives is up to us. We can complain about everything or we can choose to be grateful for everything. Complaining will make us feel as if we don’t have enough because we are rejecting what we do have. Gratitude, on the other hand, will make us feel abundantly blessed. Therefore, we will be able to find even more things to be grateful for.


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