Living for God

Being a child of the King is such an honor. Every time I think about how God sent His Son to die for my sins, it brings me to tears. I feel so unworthy of His love and mercy. And yet I am so incredibly grateful. Jesus paid a price for me that I couldn’t pay for myself. Therefore, I want to share the good news of His unconditional love and gift of salvation with everyone who will listen to me.

Every once in a while, I like to step back and evaluate my life and ask myself some hard questions.

If someone else was listening to my conversations, would they hear me talk about my problems, complain, or talk about the greatness of my Lord?

Based on how I treat other people, can others see or feel the love of God in me?

Am I kind to everyone—even those who are unkind to me?

Do I talk about other people or do I pray for them?

Do I present my gift of salvation in a way that other people might want to know my amazing God?

If I am truthful with myself, I usually fail and come short on these questions. While I am not trying to live the law, I am trying to live so that others might see God in me. The absolute greatest accomplishment of my life would be if I could lead others to the Lord. I want to be a great ambassador for God and to tell of His marvelous works in my life. Oh, how He loves us. Friends, I wish for just one moment you could feel Him in your heart and soul. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. My heart overflows with joy when He stirs my soul.

Nothing could ever compare to the amazing feeling of His presence. Even in the midst of a storm, He can speak sweet peace to our soul. When all other ways fail, He is the way. Therefore, He deserves our praise. Let’s do everything in our power to live our lives for Him. His work is all that really matters. When we are obedient to Him and dedicate our lives to Him, then we can leave behind a powerful legacy to our children and future generations.

One final question that I like to ask myself often is this: What do you want others to say about you at your funeral?


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