Life is Hard!

It seems everyone is having a hard time lately. I check facebook and the status updates are filled with prayer requests, sickness, or people venting about their bad days. And it literally breaks my heart for everyone suffering, in any kind of way. I want to help. I want to write something to ease their heartache or lift their spirits, but I’m blank.
Every morning, I go through the same routine. I get ready, take the kids to school, come home and sit down to write, while the house is quiet and I’m refreshed. But, the words won’t flow. I can’t even seem to pull them out. However, I’m determined, so I keep trying. I type ten words and then delete them all, and the process continues all day. I’m frustrated and starting to panic a little. What good is a blog, if I can’t write any more posts?
And then I consider the possibility that perhaps I have writer’s block!
So what now? How do I overcome it?
The answer is really quite simple. I’ll conquer this the same way I overcome all of the obstacles in my life—with prayer. I’ll ask God to help me and trust that He will. I’ll put my problems in His hands and leave them there. I know when the time is right God will give me exactly what I need. Sometimes I try to get ahead of the Lord. I want to do things and expect things to happen, but it’s not time for it yet. In myself, I can’t do anything to help anyone, but God knows exactly what everyone needs. It’s not necessarily the words that comfort us anyway, but the power behind them.
Writing is hard! Regardless of the words I’ve written, each new story starts out with a blank sheet of paper. Just like each day starts out new. Regardless of what happened to us yesterday, today is a new day. And if we decide to be happy, then we will be. If we wake up and think today will be horrible day, then I can just about guarantee you it will be. Just like with my writing. If I believe I can’t write, then that’s probably true. But if I believe, God and I can do this, it will happen.
I will tell you something that has helped me tremendously. One day I just realized and accepted, LIFE IS HARD! And it will always be that way. We will always have some kind of heartaches and pain, disappointments and fears. Whenever we get through this obstacle, there will be another one waiting. However, we will never face any problem alone—God is always with us. And there is a reason for everything that happens to us.
God is molding us each into the person He wants us to be. The problems in our lives are just as important as the good times. Without the heartaches we couldn’t appreciate the blessings. We are all stronger than we realize. Why? In our weakness, God is made strong. We have a big God who can handle these things we can’t handle. He wants us to trust Him.
Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just stop and think. Is this too big for my God to handle? Does God love me? Knowing God loves me and that He can handle whatever happens in my life, helps me make it through each problem, each day.
P.S. In less than an hour God helped me to do, what I’ve been trying all week to do in myself.
Have a great day!
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