Let’s enjoy this day

Most of the time, we live on autopilot. We have the same routines and do the same things each day. This can be self-destructing if our habits are bad. Instead of living on autopilot, I want to be aware of what I am doing. I want to live each moment of my life—instead of drifting through my days and merely existing.

We only get this one life to live. Therefore, we need to do everything possible to live it well. I think it has to be heartbreaking to God to watch us waste our lives. Especially when He has placed so much potential in us. God wants us to thrive each day. While most of us are just trying to survive.

I remember that feeling of just trying to survive through each day. I had no hope or direction in my life. Every day was the same. I would wake up and complain about the whole day. And not enjoy one moment of it. Somehow I had become a victim of my life’s circumstances. Instead of trying to overcome them, I just wallowed in my misery. Sometimes on my Facebook memories, I get a glimpse of that miserable girl. And every time I read a post from that period of my life, I am so grateful to not be her, the miserable, complaining, negative girl, anymore.

Now, I am filled with hope. Instead of complaining about my life, I praise God for it. I truly feel the gratitude in my heart each day. I welcome each day—instead of dreading it. I no longer see myself as a victim. Now, I see myself as a child of God. I am highly favored by Him. Therefore, my blessings are abundant. When I changed the way that I looked at my life, my life changed.

What are you grateful for today?


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