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My thoughts are jumbled today.  They are entwined and sporadic, which makes it extremely difficult for me to calm myself and feel for the story on my heart. It makes me want to procrastinate writing this blog a little longer—maybe this evening would be better. Then I think, what if all of my thoughts do go together.

So I started at the beginning and reread my first blog entry. I remember how terrified I was the first time I hit the button to publish it. I cried, panicked, and assumed the absolute worst possible scenario. But it never happened. What did happen was wonderful, surreal, and God’s blessing upon me.

God used me and my blog to help others and He taught me many priceless lessons along the way. He taught me about faith and trust—and the secret to happiness. He changed my perspective on numerous things and showed me over and over that He is God. He uses writing as a way to teach me things and talk with me. And then He blesses me to share it with others. Through this great journey, I have learned my wisdom, knowledge and understanding comes only from God.  

If you listen to the world and follow the crowd, it will lead you straight toward destruction.  Sometimes we have to just close our eyes, cover our ears, and listen to our heart. If I had listened to the world, my life would be a colossal wreck. I wouldn’t be married, a Mommy, a friend, able to drive, able to work, independent, successful, strong, or an author.

The world is nothing more than a driving force for negative energy. It thrives on failures, heartaches, obstacles, fears and a bad attitude. People love to tell us all of the things we cannot do. They love to give us limitations, to reroute our dreams and, if possible, destroy them completely. Most often times, people believe they are so smart. They like to use statistics, research, and knowledge of previous events or situations to come up with a sound theory. They apply all of these things and then give us impossible concepts. And our first mistake is allowing anyone to put limitations on God. He makes the impossible very possible.

When I started writing, the fear of the unknown terrified me. Instead of waiting patiently for God to give me instructions on how to write a book, I decided to figure it out for myself. I joined writing groups, read books, took classes and worked with other writers. I will admit that I learned some valuable information that I use today, but I also listened to all of the things that would not work. I allowed the bad advice and ridiculous concepts to misguide and deceive me.

One agent stated that a writer could not be successful in multiple genres. And I believed her. So I put aside my children’s books, believing I could only have talent in one area and decided to write for adults. And yet, my children’s book and an adult book released and were on the Best Seller’s list at the exact same time.

Some writers and agents stated that talking animals would not work. They claimed children could not relate to animal’s feelings. And yet, I get emails from parents who state their children love Zippy and can relate to his story. One child even said that Zippy gave him the courage to face his own problems at school.

One agent told me that Underneath the Scars did not have the ability to draw in the reader. And yet, I get emails from people who tell me they laughed and cried as they read my story and it changed their life.

My point is this never let anyone put limitations on you. The ones who are most successful are the ones who go down the roads never traveled before. Don’t allow their negative outlook on life to distort your feelings and views. Don’t allow their lack of faith life to impact your faith. Listen for the still small voice of your heart and ignore the shouts of everything else.

Don’t allow the misconception of normal derail you. Who gets to decide what is normal anyway? Just because some people, with highfalutin views can only see what is inside the box doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t believe, appreciate, and love the things outside of it.  Their world is black and white, and thank God mine has an array of beautiful colors.
For the first time in my life, I don’t care about being normal. I only care about being the person God created me to be. I am absolutely nothing when you truly think about it, but my God is everything. And He loves me just as I am.

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