Is it true?

I am a storyteller. All day long, my mind narrates my life. Only it doesn’t just tell me the things that happen. My mind likes to tell me what other people are thinking about. And it likes to argue with reality by being dramatic.
When my mind starts running crazy with made up stories, I like to take a few moments to just breathe and to look for the truth. Without the pause, then I just accept the stories as truth. In doing this, I cause myself a lot of heartaches for myself. Especially, if someone else is mean to me. It is so easy to go inside myself and make up a story about why they are being mean. My default story used to be that I am not good enough. Then, I would allow the hurt of the thought to blow the made-up story totally out of proportion.
It always helps me to ask myself this question: is it true? That simple little question gets my mind to stop making up stories and to look for the truth. If I can just slow down and ask myself to search for the truth of each statement, then I can see the situation with a new perspective.
I also like to ask God to help me see the situation as it is, not as I perceive it to be. I want to interpret my circumstances with the lens of kindness and love. I desire to see the goodness in everything and everyone.
The majority of the time, when someone else is mean to me it has nothing to do with me. Their anger is another form of fear. Inside, they are hurting. Therefore, I want to react with love and compassion and take the situation to the Lord in prayer. God can help us with all things. He has grace for our every need.
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