Is God the center of your life?

God must be at the center of our lives to grow and prosper. He is our mastermind and our control center. When we allow Him to direct us in all parts of our lives, then we will have the best life possible. We can’t reach the places that we want to go without Him.

So often, we try to separate certain parts of our lives from Him. We think we have different categories and leave Him out of certain parts. The truth is that He can help us with all parts of our lives. He can help us with our health, relationships, finances, mindset, spirituality, etc. We need to seek His help.

Some of us have been conditioned to believe we shouldn’t pray for the small things in our lives. I have learned, however, that I need God in all parts of my life. I need His guidance with all things. If left unattended, the little things can turn into really big things.

Instead of thinking I’ve figured it out, I want to take it all to Him. His divine guidance is always what I need. Listening to the still, small voice makes my life peaceful and joyful. God gives me what I need when I need it.

Sometimes, however, I choose to do it my way. Then, I usually cause myself heartache because I am moving in the wrong direction. The good news is that God always gives me a place to turn around. The bad news is that I’ve wasted precious time and resources.

Therefore, I am learning to seek His guidance in the beginning and to follow my heart. When I’m walking and talking with my Lord, then my journey is peaceful and joyful. Even during the difficult moments, I can praise the Lord with every step because I am in His will.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
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