Inhale peace, exhale stress

It’s all simple. God makes things easy for us. We are the ones who make things complicated. Especially when we try to be someone that we are not, and live a life that is not aligned with God.
Most of the time, God makes it so simple that we stumble over it because we are expecting something hard.
For the last few days, I have spent several hours each day outside. I’ve been digging in the dirt and just enjoying the beauty of nature. When I’m outside and the sun is shining and I can hear the birds chirping I am content. It is as if my mind slows down and I am able to be fully present in the moment. I forget to eat and lose all track of time.
Being outside, playing in the dirt, is good medicine. When I just allow my mind to clear and stop thinking, then God directs me and puts His thoughts in my mind. If I am troubled about something, He gives me new ways to think about it. These moments with the Lord are so special. It’s amazing at what we can hear when we shut off the noise of the world.
So today, I encourage you to spend a few minutes outside. Turn everything else off and just be in nature. Let your senses come alive. Take in the beauty. Hear the beautiful melody. Smell the wonderful fragrance. Breathe in peace. And allow it all to help you.
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