I want my words to lift others instead of tearing them down.

Today is a new day, sweet friend. This day is a gift. It will never come again. The good news is that we can decide how we want to live this day. When we set our intentions for our day and decide the kind of person we want to be, we will live on purpose rather than reacting to our day.

I want to be kind and loving, even when I feel irritated. To do this, I must remind myself what kind of person I want to be. Then, I must live according to the person I want to be.

Circumstances will always arise. We will all feel frustrated and overwhelmed at times. During these times, I want to remind myself that I get to decide how I will act. How other people treat me is a reflection of their character. How I treat them is a reflection of my character. Therefore, I want to have the eyes that see the best in people and a heart that forgives quickly and loves unconditionally. When someone treats me badly, I want to be a safe place of love for them. Instead of reacting badly, I desire to love them right where they are in their lives. After all, I don’t have to pay for the sins of anyone else—just mine.

I want my words to be kind and loving as well. In someone else’s presence and out. Sometimes, we forget that the person we speak badly about is God’s child. It hurts me when someone says something bad about my children. Because they are my children, and I love them unconditionally. That’s how God feels about His children.

Proverbs 16:24 (KJV)

24 Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Therefore, we should speak to and about others like God stands there. Because He is. He hears it all. If we see someone struggling, we should ask God to help them—instead of talking badly about them. Anytime we go on a rant about someone else, then we are only hurting ourselves. We are giving attention to the negative and magnifying it in our lives. Instead, let’s magnify the love. Let’s pray for those struggling and extend our hand of love to them.

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