I am thankful for peanut butter

I am thankful for peanut butter.
My three-year-old niece, Aubrey, thanked God for peanut butter during her prayer. I couldn’t help but smile. She loves peanut butter and she is thankful for it. We can learn so much from kids. What if we all just looked for the simple things in our everyday life and offered thanksgiving for them. Can you imagine how much better our lives could truly be?
We often wait for the big things in our lives to be grateful. Then, we rush by so many moments of potential praise and never even see them. Our minds are usually so focused on the problems that we fail to enjoy the little moments of our days. So often I allow my mind to wander. I fail to enjoy the present moment because I am so absorbed in my thoughts. Lately, I have become more aware of this and it breaks my heart. Most of the time, I live on autopilot. That is why we struggle to remember events and moments. Our body was in the moment, but our minds were a million miles away.
Children live in the moment. They don’t know how to use their brain to multitask yet. That is why they are so joyful. They know how to truly live in the present moment, and to enjoy it.
I want to get back to living in the present moment. I can do it for a time, but my mind always drifts away—back to my thoughts. If my thoughts were good it might be useful, but most of them are filled with worry and fear.
Thinking of gratitude is different from actually feeling it. I want to experience life more. I want to feel the joy instead of thinking about it. Therefore, I am working on this every day. One thing I am working on is focusing on what I am doing in the present moment and giving it my full attention. This helps me to be more fully present.
Live is meant to be enjoyed and not just merely endured.
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