How to Overcome the Heartache of Rejection

It happens to us all. We start a new adventure, whether it’s a business opportunity or a relationship, and things don’t go as planned. The feeling of failure overwhelms us and has us thinking unrealistically about our life. Somehow the sting of rejection has us holding hands and having long conversations with our negative voice. This combination is deadly for our confidence and feeling of self-worth. 

The sadness is natural. Something ended or never really had the chance to begin, and the process hurts. While we need to acknowledge our feelings, dwelling on the loss is not necessary. The sooner that we can adapt a new mind-set about the problem, the better. Dwelling on it and going into those dark places, where we put ourselves down, is not healthy or helpful to us in any way. We need to learn how to silence our negative voice with understanding and love. 

During these moments, we need to practice self-love and become our own best friend. As the negative thoughts race through our mind, we need to silence them with the truth. In a state of heartache and disappointment, we are vulnerable and our enemy knows this. He will pounce and use anything that he can find to hurt and harm us. It is important that we act immediately. The longer we spend conversing with the enemy, the harder it will be for us to break free of his control over us. Once the lies start creeping in, it’s hard to see the truth.

Whenever this happens to me, I go to the Lord. Spending time in prayer, reading His word, and listening for His voice comforts me. God is my safe haven. I know that when I seek Him with my whole heart, He will always be there for me. 

Next, I go for a walk. Walking helps me to see my situation with a new perspective. Especially if I am quiet and just listen. My mind has a way of finding a new perspective, if I will just listen. 

Finally, I realize that all things work to my benefit. Sometimes I try to open doors that are not in my best interest. When I can see that it’s not really rejection, but God’s protection, then I am able to accept the situation. God has a wonderful way of turning my heartaches into blessings.

God bless you!


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