How to Be an Overcomer

It is so easy to get stuck in the I can’t do that mind-set. We often give up, before even starting, because declaring that we can’t do something is easier than trying. Stepping into uncharted territory is hard. And it’s only natural to want to quit at times, but the beauty happens beyond the I can’t do that mind-set. 

If we condition our mind to look at a situation, and decide if we can do it or not based on our on beliefs, then one of two things will happen. We will either conquer the world or do nothing. My fear is that I would land in the “do nothing” category. Because I would approach my life based on what others expected of me, what they told me, what they believed, and what I could see on the surface— without questioning it. 

For example, if I had listened to my doctors three years ago, then I would be disabled, depressed, and living the life that was expected of me. I’ve heard so much negativity about my condition, from others as well as my own negative beliefs, that it would be easy for me to believe that my future is doomed. In fact, it would be easier for me to believe that I will continue to decline in my health, than for me to believe that I will find a way to overcome the challenges. I have no scientific proof that I will get better, but I have hope. 

Instead of allowing the things I have experienced thus far to determine my future, I have faith, hope, and trust in God. When the world tells me something is impossible, I go to my Lord for clarity. And He always encourages me to try. Since He created the world, I know that He can help me overcome each challenge that comes my way. But only if I seek Him, and get rid of my negative mind-set. 

So how do we change our mind-set?

  1. Ask ourselves if what we believe is the truth or based on assumptions.
  2. Seek God. Ask Him to lead us and guide us, and then be willing to follow His instructions. 
  3. Try before giving up. If something is impossible, then you will not be able to do it regardless of how hard you try, but be sure it is impossible before you give up.
  4. Constantly test the limits. See what is possible and what is impossible. 

Our life is a gift, and we should nurture it daily. We are all capable of so much more than we realize. Just remember the devil can’t take away your greatness, but he will do his best to persuade you to waste your life, to hide your talent, and to give up because he can’t defeat you when you try. 

 Have a wonderful day!

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