Snow Day = No Church

It is cold and snowy today in my neck of the woods. While it doesn’t normally bother me to be snowed in, I really hate when it falls on a … Continue Reading →

Drawing A Line In the Sand

Have you ever had a moment that changed your life? One moment that triggered something inside of you and made you want to change something about your life?  I’ve had … Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for the Hardships of Life

If I had know that my workout would result in a fractured arm, four weeks ago, then I would have skipped it. But I didn’t know. I was doing something … Continue Reading →

How to Be an Overcomer

It is so easy to get stuck in the I can’t do that mind-set. We often give up, before even starting, because declaring that we can’t do something is easier … Continue Reading →

How to Find Peace During the Storm

Our life plan and God’s plan for us are usually very different. We want a life without struggles, heartaches, or pain of any kind. However, we want the wisdom, knowledge … Continue Reading →