How do you know God is real?

I’ve had an experience with God. His soul has met mine. When He introduces Himself, it is not something we will ever forget. I remember where I was sitting the first time I heard the gospel and how it made me feel. I didn’t have to ask anyone else who was speaking to me. I felt the power in His presence. And I knew in my heart that He had just presented me the truth of His word. While I didn’t understand everything, I believed in Him and wanted the salvation He offered me. The moment I accepted Him in my heart, my burden was gone. I felt peace, love, and joy like I had never felt before.

Since that day, I have had numerous experiences with Him. When I was younger and out doing things I shouldn’t have been doing, He would warn me of the dangers. I would hear His voice whenever I started to do something I knew I shouldn’t do. My heart would pound and burn within, and I knew it was His presence.

Have you ever been so troubled that someone spoke the words you needed to hear? That is God. He knows what we need. He is the power behind the words.

Have you ever asked God for something and then forgot about your prayer, but He answered it anyway? That is God. I love it when He answers my prayers and then takes me back to where I prayed for them.

Have you ever had a desire in your heart that you didn’t speak out loud, yet it was given to you? That is God. He is the only One who knows the desires of your heart.

Have you ever been sitting in church and the preacher spoke your thoughts? That is God. He knows what we are thinking.

I tried for seven years to get my books published and got rejected many times. Then, God sent the publisher to me. That is God.


Photo by Cayden Sullivan

I prayed for years as a child that God would heal my hands. He used a fall to get me to a hand surgeon, who made me a thumb. Even though the amniotic bands damaged my nerves, my thumb still moves and works for me. That is God.


I cried over my scars for years and tried to pray them away. Instead of taking away my scars, God just changed my thoughts about them. He gave me a new way to look at them that changed my life. That is God.

I could write for days and never tell you all my experiences with Him. My belief in God comes from experiences with Him, not what someone else told me I should believe. He spoke to my soul, and my soul answered Him.

Believing in God is personal. No one else can do it for us. I have NEVER regretted giving my heart to Him. It is a gift that keeps on giving. His mercies are new each morning. His love is unexplainable. The moment I opened my heart and asked Him to save me, He did. And He flooded my heart with so much love. His love helps me to love everyone. I want everyone in the world to know God and to feel His amazing love for themselves.

Have a wonderful day!

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