God is Love

The same love that held Jesus on the cross is in my heart. What a blessing it is to experience this great love. The sheer power of it can cause my body to tremble and to weep. God in all His glory gave us the gift of love. 

Our minds tell us to protect our heart and to suppress the love inside of us. The enemy wants us to put a shield against our heart so it can’t be broken. In doing so, however, we would prevent God’s love from following in and out—one to another. 

Every day we need to strive to be a source for God’s love. We should desire to give it freely. If we want to have more love in our lives, then we need to be willing to give more away. As hard as we try, we can’t give more than God. The more we give away the more that He will give to us. 

Love can reach places that other things can’t reach. It can reach hearts that are cold. Lives that seem hopeless. People who feel helpless. Those who are hurting and grieving. Love is like a healing balm to a weary soul. 

Extending God’s love is the greatest gift that we can give to anyone. It offers hope, compassion, and kindness to those who feel lost and alone. 

I remember staying at the hospital for a week with a loved one. A small gesture of kindness by a nurse brought me to tears. She gave me a small bag filled with lotion and shampoo left by a church. While they were not with me in the waiting area, I felt the love just the same. I washed my hair with the shampoo and my face with tears. Just knowing, after days of exhaustion and worry, that someone loved me enough to see to my needs was such a gift. I never knew that a little travel size bottle of shampoo could mean so much.

So often we think that we have to do something great, but all we really have to do is care. When we care it shows and others can feel it from us. God left us in the world to be a light for Him. The greatest way we can shine our light is through love. 


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