God Delivers Again

Sometimes I feel so small! I look at the things of the world and they seem so much bigger than me and even hopeless, really. And by the time the devil puts in his two cents worth, I’m plagued with doubts and fears. I don’t know why, but the bad things are always easier to believe. It’s always easier for me to believe that I will fail, rather than succeed.

Sometimes it’s hard to wait so many years for a prayer to be answered. It’s hard to keep believing when things continuously get worse, instead of better. It’s hard to believe the sun is coming up in the morning, during the darkest hour of the night. It’s hard to watch those you love suffer and stand by helplessly. It’s hard to watch a dream come crumbling down. However, it’s during the darkest hour of the night when God proves His love to me.

Without heartaches, I would never be able to feel the power of His comfort. Without trials, I wouldn’t need His strength so much. Without obstacles, I wouldn’t need the power of faith. Without fear, I would never understand the power of courage. Without the heartache of sorrow and tears, I could never truly appreciate the wonderfulness of joy and laughter. Sometimes, I believe we need to experience sadness before we can truly marvel in the essence of happiness.

And sometimes, I believe, I just need to be reminded that God is in control. Regardless of my troubles, God has a plan. Regardless of my heartaches, God’s arms will always comfort me.

I like to think about the children of Israel, approaching the Red Sea. The enemy was closing in on them and there was nowhere for them to go. However, we serve a God so big that He can create a way, even when there is no way. We just have to TRUST Him.

I can’t even imagine how fearful it was to walk through the middle of the sea, with nothing more than wind parting the water. I don’t think that had ever been done before. But by grace through faith God made it possible.  

The bible is filled with miracles and awe moments. It is filled with stories of hope, courage, love, faith, etc., and God’s abundant blessings on man. Even though it happened many years ago, the testimony of God’s grace still helps many today.

It reminds me that regardless of my sorrow and trial, God will deliver me and bless me far greater than I ever imagined. And every time that happens, I can’t wait to tell everyone who will listen—My God delivers again.

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