God carries us through the trials

God works out of our eyesight. So many times we think things are falling apart. We see the closed doors, missed opportunities, obstacles in the way, and we assume that God has left us to figure it out for ourselves. During these times it’s hard to see Him working. But I assure you that He is working. We just have to hold on and trust Him through the darkest of times. Then, when we least expect it, He will work things out— better than we could have ever imagined.

True faith in God is trusting in Him, even when our world seems to be falling apart. Sweet friends, I’ve had these moments. I’ve endured things that I thought would destroy me. While I was submerged in my misery, God was working His plan. He does things His way. And His ways are always best.

While it is so hard to go through the trials with Him, it is such a blessing when He works it all out and answers our prayers. This is what we need to focus on. When we focus on the blessing, then we can endure the pain of the trial.

God sees every tear. He knows and understands the pain of our hearts. If we keep our eyes on Him, then He will deliver us. Each time when we walk through the fire and He delivers us out of it, then our faith will increase. And we will have an experience with Him. Then when another trial comes, we will remember how He delivered us previously.

Remember…God knows your situation and He has a plan to help you. Trust in Him. Embrace the trial and ask Him to teach you through it. Get just as close to Him as you can get, and watch Him work it all out to your benefit.


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