God can turn our heartaches into blessings

I will never forget what felt like my rock bottom many years ago.

In the darkness, I sat in my laundry room with my back against the dryer and fell apart. As the tears spilled from my eyes and the sobs shook my body, I cried out to God.

I didn’t know what I needed, and I felt so alone.

I couldn’t work, the bills were piling up, and it was close to Christmas. In the darkness, with all of my pain, I felt like a burden to my family. And in my vulnerable state, the enemy tried to convince me they would all be better off without me.

But God intervened. He gave me hope when it all felt so hopeless.

When I felt broken and worthless, God gave me a glimpse of a better day. He showed me that if I held on and followed Him, things would get better. And they did.

Amid our deepest heartaches and pain, it’s hard to see past the pain.

With an eye of faith, God showed me my books.

Believing that God had a purpose for my pain sparked a hope inside of me that I can’t explain. It helped me to dry my eyes and take the smallest step of faith.

My first step was getting off the floor. The moment I believed that God could take my heartaches and

turn them into blessings was when it all started.

That’s why I pour my heart out and share my heartaches. I know what it feels like to hurt so deeply. And I’m so thankful I allowed God to work it out for me.

Every day, I am incredibly grateful for the tiny spark of hope amid my darkness. Sweet friends, the enemy wants us to give up because he knows with God, we can do great things.

Now, I’m so thankful for all of my heartaches. They help me to relate to others. I can sit with those hurting because I’ve been there, too.

The enemy tried to put me in the fire to destroy me, and God used the flames to shine a light. If you are in the fire, I want you to know it gets better. Cling to that hope and allow God to work it out for you. Since that Christmas, God has blessed my writing and Zippy books to be a part of Christmas every year. Whenever someone orders a Zippy book for Christmas, I smile and remember the hope God gave me for Christmas that year. It’s still blessing me.

Would you like Zippy to be a part of your Christmas? Please message me on social media or email me at candidasullivan@yahoo.com.

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