Getting Back on Track

Since last Thursday, I’ve been in a constant state of struggle and overwhelm. It’s been difficult to breathe, difficult to work, and difficult to sleep. Even the smallest of tasks have been hard for me. When I reach this point, all I can do is cry and pray.

Crying and praying, however, are very therapeutic. It allows me to speak to God in the deepest and most authentic way. He understands my tears. He knows why each tear surfaces and exactly how to help me. 

Our struggles are not always bad. Most often times God uses them to help us get back on track. 

As long as everything is going great in my life, I don’t really pray like I should. Nor take the time to make sure I’m on the right track. But the minute something goes wrong, it gets my attention. And forces me to dig a little deeper, and start asking myself questions. 

Am I where God wants me to be? 

Is He pleased with me?

Am I doing the work that feeds my soul?

This journey has been a constant battle for me. The devil doesn’t always show up with a pitchfork and horns. We don’t always realize that he is the one distracting us and luring us away from God. He’s subtle, and it happens a little at a time.

Just because I’m sitting in my chair, at my desk, doesn’t mean that I’m working. Just because I’m on social media sharing my story, doesn’t mean that I’m doing what God wants me to do. Sometimes the devil gives us a little bit of the truth to cover the lie. But it’s still a lie.

I was speaking to a group one night about being an author, when someone asked me about my daily writing habits. And I totally fumbled my answer. Why? because I realized as the answer was tumbling out of my mouth that I’m not a dedicated writer. I only write when I’m inspired or heartbroken or working on a new book. 

But what if I made it a priority? What if writing became part of my every day life? What if it became a habit? 

Writing is my gift from God! And I’ve been neglecting it to do other things. Because it’s so difficult for me! It takes focus, determination and dedication. All of which I have been lacking lately. Today, however, is a new day!

And I am determined to take my gift of writing, along with my gift of life and merge them together. Because I don’t want to look back on my life, years from now, and have so many regrets. I want to die empty, and know that I did God’s work to the absolute best of my ability, and in the end there was nothing left inside of me to give. 

So my goal, every single day, is to write! 
  • No exceptions! Schedule the time to write on my calendar.
  • No excuses! Make it a priority in my life.
  • Stop saying yes to someone or something when that means saying no to my writing. 

Is there something in your life that you are neglecting? Share it in the comments. 

Have a wonderful day!


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