Flipping the Dedication Switch

When we are dedicated to our Lord, we will find a way to do the things that He encourages us to do. If not, we will find an excuse.

This goes for all areas of our life. If we are determined to achieve a certain outcome, no matter what, then we will be relentless in our quest. We will look at challenges and obstacles with new eyes. Instead of viewing them as a way to stop us, we will just figure out how to overcome them. 

When we have a zeal to live for the Lord, and learn to put Him first, all areas of our life will improve. He wants us to be persistent in serving Him. Going to church occasionally, reading our Bible sometimes, and praying only when we are in trouble will not give us the relationship that our heart desires. Whether we realize it or not, our hearts desire to be connected with the Lord. 

If we find a way to be unwavering in one area of our life, then we can use that same skill to be faithful in other areas. We owe it to ourselves to place our flesh under subjection and to do the things which our heart beckons us to do. Living for the Lord, will bring a whole new level of peace and joy into our lives. 

While trouble and heartaches will still arise in our life, instead of wavering, we will be able to thrive—despite our circumstances. 

P.S. I didn’t want to get up this morning and write or exercise before going to church. I wanted to sleep for an extra hour. But I’ve learned that sleeping in doesn’t make me feel good about myself. I told the Lord that I would blog every day and I’m determined to do it.  

Love and blessings, 


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