Don’t give up!

The enemy whispers words of fear, defeat, pain, and hopelessness in the darkness. He wants us to quit. If he can overwhelm our minds, we will believe our situation is hopeless and feel helpless.

I have learned to run to Jesus when I start feeling this way. No one can comfort my aching heart like Jesus. He’s been there, and He has grace for every need.

While He may not change our situation, He will give us exactly what we need to overcome it. He will hold our hands through the hardship and walk with us. We are never alone.

I’ve been through things I could have never overcome alone. Sometimes when I look back over those times, I am awed. Whenever I look at my thumb and think about the story, my heart is overwhelmed with love.

I prayed for many years and endured so much pain. No one could help me. Sometimes in the trenches, with my face on the floor lying in puddles of tears, I thought God was punishing me or had forsaken me. But He was preparing everything to bless me in ways I didn’t foresee. I wouldn’t have received God’s blessing if I had given up when things were terrible.

Whatever you are going through, sweet friend, I beg you to keep going. The blessing could be around the next corner.

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