Don’t be weary in well doing

Sometimes it can be so hard to not become weary. Especially when we think that something should have already happened, but it hasn’t happened yet. When we come to this place, the voice of the enemy echoes the thoughts in our mind. This is when we start doubting the Lord and thinking that our efforts are not making a difference.

The Bible, however, tells us not to be weary in well doing. We can’t always see what God is doing or how He is using us to help someone else. But one thing I know for sure, His work makes a difference. It never goes out void. God always accomplishes what He meant to accomplish.

2 Thessalonians 3:13 (KJV)
13 But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

Therefore, we just have to trust Him. We have to follow Him and do the things that He puts on our hearts to do. God’s work is done in seasons. It’s not always harvesting time. So we can’t always expect to reap the rewards immediately. Doing God’s work takes time.

I learned this in writing my books. I was focused on the rewards before I did the work. I wanted to be published and celebrate my achievements before the work was complete. This only increased my time in the writing phase and caused me to become weary. Once I sat down, with my heart in the right place, then I was able to finish the book pretty quickly. Then, once the work of creating the story was finished, I was able to move onto the harvesting phase and celebrate the blessings of God.

Now, when I start feeling weary I ask God what season I am in. It helps me to understand and not become so weary. I also know that if I am working, then so is God. He has a plan for each season. Therefore, I desire to enjoy the work of today and to be content in the present moment.


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