Do you want to live for the flesh or the soul?

It all starts with a choice. Deciding what we want to do seems simple enough. However, behind every decision is a reaction. If we do this, then that happens. God gave us all the freedom to make our decisions and to be our own person. But we are not free from the consequences of our choices.

Since the beginning, the battle between good and evil has occurred. We can trace it back to Genesis in the Bible. God gave Adam and Eve instructions. He told them what to do, but the serpent told them something different—Eve had a choice in the garden. She could go with the guidance of the Lord or choose to believe the enemy.

Eve chose the knowledge of the flesh. Satan appealed to her ego when he promised her that she would be wise and be like God. But he lied to her. Once she decided and went against the voice of the Lord, she couldn’t take it back; the damage was already done. Her punishment for disobedience was severe. If Eve had known the consequences of her actions beforehand, she might not have done it. But she didn’t know.

Every day we decide whether to follow the Lord or the enemy. Even if it’s challenging, if we follow what the Lord tells us, we know it will be good because the Lord will be with us and bless us through the process. However, if we follow the enemy’s voice, we know that pain and destruction will befall us.

So I have to decide if I am willing to pay the price for ignoring the warnings of the Lord. Can I live with the consequences of my actions?

Every day I want to listen to the voice of my Lord and learn to follow Him. I want to walk with Him and listen as He speaks to me. Because I never know what is best. I can’t see the whole picture of things, but God knows it all. He is all-wise. He doesn’t want us to struggle through life, but He wants us to let Him guide us.

It’s a beautiful process when we surrender it all to God and seek Him continually in all things. It’s a blessing to pause amid the struggle and seek His wisdom and strength. My most significant issue is that I don’t pause and discuss things with Him. He has the answer to my every problem.

Before I make any decisions, especially when I feel the burning in my heart, I need to pray, especially if the enemy is trying to rush me. If I have to justify it or tell myself it will be fine, even though I can feel the anxiety about it all, then it’s anything but fine.

All the victories in the Bible resulted from following the Lord. We have an inward man and an outward man. Therefore, we decide whether to live for our soul or flesh.

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