Do you like yourself?

I would rather be disliked for who I truly am than liked for a fake version of me that I’m not.

It took me a long time to reach that perspective and to allow others to see the real me. Underneath it all, I’m flawed, and my body holds scars and the trauma they caused. I’ve been deeply hurt so many times by people who I never thought would hurt me. Amid the pain, I still rise and keep going with a strength that only comes from enduring hardships with the Lord.

But in those quiet moments, I’m at peace when I’m alone with myself and my thoughts. I know who I am. The Lord knows I’m not perfect, but I am real. I love the Lord and my family deeply, which truly matters to me.

Of course, I want others to like me, but I will not change who I am and what I believe for others to like me. While I want others to like me, it’s truly okay if they don’t. We can’t please everyone and be everyone’s cup of tea. So, I do my best to live a good life and love the Lord with all my mind, heart, soul, and others like myself.

We might be able to fool others, but we can’t trick the Lord. He knows us at our deepest, most real level. If God loves us at our absolute truth and worst, we shouldn’t allow it to bother us if others can’t see our value. When I close my eyes each night, I want to know that I loved deeply, lived authentically, and did the work God put on my heart to do.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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