Do you have the right perspective?

I have enough for me. If I didn’t do anything extra, I could live a comfortable life. But there is a desire in the depths of my soul to help someone else.

My Daddy is a preacher. I have watched him serve and love others my whole life. There’s something about watching that level of love and service for the Lord and others that have touched me.

I have enough salvation for me. If I never prayed again, went to church, or spoke about the Lord, I’m still going to Heaven when I die. My concern is for those I love. I want all my family and friends to know the Lord and be saved by His marvelous grace.

So I try to live my life in a way that introduces others to God. I want everyone to know Him and love Him. Therefore, it’s my job to live with a passion and zeal that reflects Him.

Going through the motions of life is a terrible way to live. I’ve been on the barely-get-by and survive-the-day lifestyle, which is horrible. I’ve also lived through seasons of abundant blessings of the Lord.

Have you ever just felt so incredibly blessed?

There have been times when God blessed me so greatly that all I could do was cry and rejoice in His goodness. That is where I want to live.

Even the hard seasons are good when we are close to the Lord. In that place, I can live from gratitude instead of expectation. Honestly, I don’t deserve the good blessings in my life, regardless of what the enemy tries to make me believe. But my heart overflows with gratitude when I receive them through God’s amazing grace.

Sweet friends, we can enjoy our lives and feel peaceful. For me, the key is staying close to the Lord. The closer I am to Him, the greater my life feels. When I drift away from Him, everything becomes scary and overwhelming. But when I talk to Him several times daily and learn to take all to Him in prayer, He blesses me.

We can walk around with our heads down, listening to the enemy as he tries to get us to complain about our blessings, or we can train our minds to look for the gifts so we can praise God. We can praise God or complain, but we can’t do both. Therefore, we must decide what kind of life we want to live.

The day the Lord showed me a different way to view my scars changed my life. He showed me that we can focus on our hardships or our blessings. I can cry for the fingers missing or praise God for the fingers I have and all they CAN DO.

How we see our lives is precisely how it will be. The ability to choose our perspective is such a gift.

I could see myself as a victim and act like one. But I choose to see myself as an overcomer. Regardless of what the enemy throws my way, God helps me to use it for good.

I love the Lord, but He first loved me. I’m so thankful to be so deeply loved and highly favored by my precious Lord. When I think about my blessings, I realize I have NOTHING to complain about. But instead, I have so many reasons to praise my Lord.

As long as there is breath in my body, I want to use my voice to tell others of the hope in me. I was lost, but God found me. He saved me and changed me, and made me His child.

From now until all of Eternity, I will praise Him and thank Him for the peace in my soul and the unexplainable love and joy inside me.

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