Do you have a dream that makes you cry?

Do you have a dream that makes you cry?

I have one tucked in the deep places of my heart. Only God and I know the details, but, oh, sweet friends, I can see it. When I think about it, the tears drip from my eyes, and the desire swells in my heart. And occasionally, God gives me a little taste of what it will feel like when the dream comes true.

The enemy, however, comes at me every single day. He wants to stop me from working on my dreams and reaching for more. The more I reach for in my life, the more it is not just about me. It’s about all the people I want to help. I see the pain and suffering in the world, and I want to help those suffering overcome it.

Sometimes, the words the enemy whispers in the darkness make sense to me. He whispers my fears because he wants me to doubt my ability and God’s power. The enemy tries to confuse me and make me too busy to do the work of my heart. He tries to make my dreams seem too complicated because he wants me to quit and give up on what makes me feel alive and sets my soul on fire.

In the past sixteen years, I’ve had lots of failures. So many times, I’ve wanted to quit in my mind. But each time, my heart whispers, hold on a little longer. When the enemy knocks me down, I’ve learned that I am in the perfect place to pray. God knows and understands the desires of my heart. He is the One who put them there.

So, I keep showing up and doing the work. I do it when no one is around. I do it even when I don’t get paid. I do it when it is hard. I do it when it makes me cry. I do it when I want to quit. Every day, regardless of how I feel, I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Because I know why I do it.

I do it for the little boy or girl, praying in the bathroom stall at school for the bullying to stop. I do it for those who hide in the shadows and are terrified to be themselves. I do it for the person who sits alone and feels alone. I do it for the person who wants to end the pain by ending his or her life. I do it for those who don’t know how to overcome their hardships. I do it for the mother who doesn’t think she can take it anymore. I do it for the woman who wants a baby so badly that it tears her up. I do it for the woman who just found out that her baby is affected by Amniotic Band Syndrome. I do it for the child who has scars. I do it for those who don’t have enough money to pay their bills. I do for the person addicted to drugs. I do it for the person being knocked down every day by their life circumstances. I do it for my kids to give them a good life and show them what is possible when we go after our dreams. I do it for my Lord.

Because God created me to do this work. Because I desire to reach my hand out into the darkness and offer others hope. Because I know what it feels like to live with debilitating emotional and physical pain. I know what it feels like to struggle. And I also know what it feels like to overcome it all.

When you read my books or blogs and hear me share my story, know I do it for you. Because you are precious to me, regardless of how long it takes, please don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. It’s never too late to be the person you’ve always wanted to be or to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. The world needs you. You must come alive and do what sets your soul on fire.

It will be hard. So unbelievably hard. But it will also be worth it. Sometimes, before I drift off to sleep, I ask God for another day to chase my dreams. And when I wake up in the morning, I thank Him for another day. Then, I grab another tissue and wipe my eyes to see my computer screen. And write the words in my heart.

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