Chasing Perfectionism

How often do we place limitations on ourselves? How many times have we thought, if this “thing” would just happen, I would finally be happy? Then once we achieve that “thing”, our happiness is still denied because we put another limitation on it. We always believe that we need more. But if we can’t be happy with what we have, what makes us think that we’d be happy with more?

Most of us chase an illusion of perfectionism. We compare our whole life to a glimpse of other people’s lives. When we do this, over and over, we create this illusion in our mind of what happiness is and how we are supposed to feel, and then we tie it to things. Then, if we don’t have these things, we are not happy. 

Happiness, however, is a state of mind. It is not a possession or a person. We can be in a beautiful state of mind, even when things are not going right in our life. It all comes down to what we choose to focus on. We can focus on all the things we don’t have, or we can flip the gratitude switch and become grateful for each thing. Once we start listing the things that we are grateful for, we welcome more gratitude into our lives. Gratitude turns what we already have into enough. 

For example, when I write these things down and actually feel the blessing of them, I become so grateful for each one. 

  1. Peace in my heart
  2. In my right mind
  3. My health
  4. My home is warm
  5. Food to eat
  6. Clean water to drink
  7. Ability to read
  8. Ability to pray
  9. Favor with God
  10. Love in my heart
I could go on and on all day, but you get the idea. No one has a perfect life. It does not exist. We can be thankful today, however, for the life that we do have. The devil wants us to chase the illusion. He is so tricky. If we are not careful, he will have us complaining about our blessings. 

It’s okay to want more and to chase our dreams. We just need to enjoy the journey. And realize that nothing or no one holds the key to your happiness but you. 

Love and blessings, 


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